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Relive! The Regina Tornado!

You can Relive! The Regina Tornado!
This exciting and dramatic performance is based on authenic events and personalities. Available as a showcase performance for all audiences to enjoy.

Relive! The Regina Tornado! At the Regina Fringe Festival  [pdf]

The complete 2012 Regina Fringe Festival Schedule is available at:
IDEAL for SCHOOL AND LIBRARY performances.

School and Library peformance outline. [pdf]

“A creative and versatile  inspirational keynote speaker, workshop presenter, story teller and performer, entertainer and humorist.”

Vincent’s passion is to encourage personal discovery through greater awareness of the gift of imagination and creative expression.

He brings life and living to his presentations and performances.  Personal Discovery workshops, inspirational keynote talks and dynamic story concerts are all presented with dramatic flair. Vincent's easy-going style, lyrical and expressive voice and generous servings of humour add to the enjoyment and value of the imagineTHAT! experience. Home-made music, song and audience participation are added to the blend thus creating an enjoyable and memorable experience.

He has performed for all ages at school and library programs, conferences, meetings, concerts, festivals, informal gatherings and hoolies across Canada and Overseas.

Hear Vincent's live performance at the 2008 Regina Mid-Winter Celtic Festival - his legendary tale of the Carrot, Potato and Onion People.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   


“Every day’ s a good day…some are better than others! ” vm